Daily Exercise Workout of Just 15 Mints Is All That’s Needed



What great news! You can actually reduce your risk of dying by doing a daily exercise workout for just 15 minutes each day according to some encouraging new research. Slotace

The research found that if sedentary people upped their activity by just this much each day they could cut their risk of dying rather dramatically and prolong their life expectancy in the order of years.

There’s not an organization out there that doesn’t see the benefits of being active, with an almost universal call for healthy adults to engage in 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week. Until this study there had been no clear indication if less than this amount could be of benefit.

The research included over 400,000 Taiwanese residents who were taking part in a standard medical screening program from 1996 to 2008. The average follow up for participants was 8 years.

Depending on how much exercise the subjects said they got, they were put into one of 5 groups – inactive, low activity, medium activity, high activity or very high activity. The team calculated hazard ratios for death risk for all groups compared to the inactive group while also calculating the life expectancy for each of the groups.

Compared to those within the inactive group, the low exercisers (exercising about 92 minutes/week) had a 14% lower chance of death, along with a 10% lower risk of dying from cancer and an additional average life expectancy of 3 years.

 Every added 15-minute period of exercise a day brought the death risk down by another 4%, and death from cancer by another 1%. These benefits held for all ages and both sexes. They also held for participants who had heart disease risk factors. Slotace

The study authors feel sure that if people could stick to the minimum 90 minutes per week they are recommending, death due to heart disease, diabetes or even cancer could be brought down significantly. Lives could be saved. And all with such a little amount of time, a low, easy volume of activity may have quite an impact.

Other experts agree that if people understood how little activity it really takes to benefit them, many more would make the effort to get up and get moving.


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